Brev från Ungern
First of all, let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Tamás and György Dulin. We live in Hungary, Budapest and we sail at Lake Balaton (Plattensee) on a boat most preferable by you, a 30 Square Meter Scharenkreutzer No. 19 called Magic ("Mágia" in Hungarian). Our intent is to make contact with people all around the world, who sail in the same division as we do. We have found and read the website ( on Swedish Scharenkreutzers, where you were shown as the contact person of 30 Square Meter boats. This is the reason we are turning to you on behalf of the Hungarian Class.

This is not the first time the Hungarian Class of the 30 Square Meter Scharenkreutzers has tried to make international contacts. We already tried to make contact with our sailing friends in Germany a couple of years ago. Once our class was even represented with a Hungarian yacht No. 16 called "Emese" at Bodensee on the European Cup. Unfortunately, so far we did not find much enthusiasm there despite of the fact that we invited them to Balaton several times. However this hopefully will change in the near future as we have just got a friendly letter from the newly elected vice president of the class, Mr. Rolf Kohlbach. We have been informed that there will be the 50th anniversary of the 30 Square Meter Class in the middle of October in Germany where we would like to represent the Hungarian Class and hopefully we will have the pleasure to meet you personally there.
We have also succeeded in making contact with the German magazine "Die Yacht" 's newswriter called Erdmann Braschos, who is a well known expert on Square Meter Boats. He spent a week at Balaton last year. He came to write an article on the Hungarian Square Meter boats. He was very surprised at finding eighteen 30 Square Meter boats, most of them in perfect shape having been refurbished during the last decade. Honestly speaking, he gave us the idea to contact the Swedish Class suggesting we may find more interest there about us.

Looking through the list of Swedish Square Meter boats we have to admit the Hungarian fleet is much smaller. Nevertheless most of the traditional Square Meter classes such as 22, 30, 40, 55 and 75 Square Meter Yachts are represented in Hungary. The first yachts were built in the 1920's and their number continuously increased until World War II. After 1990 the 30 Square Meter Class got new impetus and 6 new yachts have been built since then.
The first 30 Square Meter yacht was launched on water in 1928, but unfortunately it did not survive World War II. The oldest 30 Square Meter boat (No. 3 called "Kabala") that is still in good shape was built in 1933. Thirteen 30's were built till 1944 out of which only 2 have been destroyed. At the moment there are eighteen 30's on the Lake Balaton. The Class has become very united lately, we have set up most criteria severely regarding the rig, minimum weight etc. Here are some data of the general boat measures:
Length: between 12,80-13,40 meters.
Width: between 2,05-2,15 meters.
Weight: minimum 3 tons (the heaviest is 3650 kilograms!)
Freeboard: 50-55 centimeters.
The base of the fore-triangle of the rig ("J" measure as we call it) is 2.20 meters according to the original Reimers plan.
The material of the yachts built before the Second World War is wood, the ones built after 1990 are made of either wood, plastic or the combination of the foresaid.
The material of the mast and baums (both spinnaker and mainsail's) can be made of wood, metal or carbon (which is different from the international rules).
Let me say a few words on our main regattas:
There are 3 main races at which most of the class are represented. The first is "The Blue Ribbon" an around-the-lake regatta similar to the one on Bodensee and Lake Garda. This race covers at least 160 kilometers. The time record is kept by a 75 Square Meter Yacht called Nemere II. at 10 hours and 55 minutes from 1955. The second best is kept by a 30 Square Meter No. 8. called Hárpia at less than 12 hours. This regatta is in the middle of July every year.
The second most important race in line in the season is the Hungarian National Championship, which covers 7 runs usually at the beginning of August (next year however it will be at the end of August).
The third important regatta is the so called "Almadi Cup" (Balatonalmádi is a resort on the north shore of the lake). This regatta is significant because only 30 Square Meter boats take part in it. It consists of three different type of races: tour race, court race and match race. The best in the three races gets the Almadi Cup.

We would like to invite you or any 30 Square Meter boat-owner for any of the forementioned races. We especially suggest the Almadi Cup. We would be happy to welcome you even without your yachts just as visitors and our guests and we will manage that you will be members of one of the crews.
It would be a great pleasure to have the representatives of the country from which our most beloved class comes from as our guests. We hope that if this forecoming meeting comes true, it will bring closer the sailors of the two countries and perhaps one day we will see beautiful Square Meter yachts under the Swedish flag on Lake Balaton.

Finally, please find attached some pictures of the Hungarian 30 Square Meter fleet.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dulin György & Dulin Tamás
members of the Hungarian 30 Square Meters Class